What is the "Ticket to Freedom"?
Watch the video below for a recent webinar teaching where I explain exactly what the "Ticket to Freedom" is, why it's needed, and why you should save your seat for the next event!
I discussed in this video that there may be false images (emotional lies) stuck in your heart that are preventing you from receiving blessing and, in turn, being able to give your blessing to your family or loved ones.

You can't remove these lies by simply "learning" about them, but rather by "experiencing" the truth that God wants to replace them with.
To put it another way, it's the difference between reading the menu and actually eating the meal in a restaurant.
That is exactly what The Ticket to Freedom is all about.

The Ticket to Freedom is a live online event that usually takes place on a Thursday and Friday evening, and a half day on Saturday (starting in the morning).
During The Ticket to Freedom you will have opportunities to let God identify what things in your heart are blocking you from receiving blessing and, in turn, effectively blessing your own loved ones.

Once these blockages have been identified and replaced with God's truth, you will find that speaking blessing comes almost effortlessly.
I believe it is your time for breakthrough to reach the purpose and destiny that God has waiting for you, let me help you get there!
Don't Get Stuck on the Wrong Solution...

You Don't Need 
"More Effort"

People often think they aren't putting enough effort in, and that if they just try harder, then their blessing will work. The problem is, you can't "out-will" the blockages that are holding you back.

You Don't Need 
"More Education"

The problem holding people back is not usually a lack of knowledge, but is that they have an inability to DO what they KNOW. Until this problem is solved, more knowledge won't change a thing.

You Don't Need a 
"Better Course"

The problem isn't that you need to find the perfect coach. You don't need hype or fluff, motivational teachings, or a new "better" self-help or "personal transformation" course.

You Don't Need
"The Right Time"

Many people think they missed their chance to receive blessing because they are too old or they have too much going on. They don't seek the blessing because they think that it's "too late" or it's "not the right time".

What DO You Need?

You need an encounter with the Lord in which He can identify, remove and replace the hidden self-sabotage viruses in your heart that have stopped you from accomplishing your own plans and goals.

I have heard countless people say this happened for them after 
attending a "Ticket to Freedom"...

I truly believe that if God did it for them, then He will do it for you too!

Click below to see a list of all scheduled live "Ticket to Freedom" events. I do these events regularly, so if the registration list is full for the next one you can always save your seat for the following event!

What Are "Ticket to Freedom" Participants Saying?

Click any of the thumbnails below to watch a short video testimony from real people like you who have experienced what God had waiting for them at the "Ticket to Freedom"

"Before Craig's course, I was experiencing self-sabotaching behavior in my business... Craig helped me identify the problem, and the result has been life-changing!"

"This wasn't a forced seminar experience, it was the complete opposite... it was a very real experience where I had a genuine encounter with God!"

"I can certainly feel a difference in my spirit regarding my identity as a man."

"Things I wasn't even aware of came up, and they were broken during this event. I saw the changes before the weekend was even finished!"

"The lies I believed were giving me anxiety and literally keeping me up all night... during this event, God's peace came and changed everything!"

"Learning to speak blessing with the passion and intensity Craig teaches is lifechanging!"

"I think everyone in the world needs to go through this course!"
"The Ticket to Freedom finally got to the biggest root issue in my life. I'm free, I know I am..."
"God dealt with the issues of feeling unwanted as a child that have continued to affect me as an adult. There was freedom in this experience!"
"I've done inner healing and deliverance ministry before, but this experience blessed me in a different way..."
"I've lived with an extreme sadness for many, many years... during this event I had an encounter with the Lord that changed that. I know it's here to stay!"
"I feel lighter and excited, and more prepared as a young single woman to wait for God's best!
"Getting to the root of what was blocking real  communication with my husband changed my marriage..."
"I felt like I was transformed and changed... I felt like a man, and I feel stronger. This  course is really transformational, I can't say it enough!"
"I've had inner healing ministry before, but during this weekend I feel like doors were actually closed. I don't have to live in fear that the same generational things will happen to my daughter... that's huge!"
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